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Learning English – when you write a job application letter it’s not a good idea to use the same language you use to chat to your friends. The differences include features of grammar, vocabulary and punctuation.

Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old black man, is in serious condition in a Milwaukee hospital after he was shot in the back at least seven times by a white police officer in Kenosha on Sunday. In a video.

I wonder if you’re free to have a chat about it a bit later. It’s going to be really exciting. Could you let me know when you might be free to talk about it? Thanks a lot. Bye. Did you get the.

If that’s not possible, join an online group. You can also make friends and keep in touch by email, chat rooms or video calls. Of course, ideally it’s good to learn face-to-face with someone so.

How well do you get on with the people you live, study or work with? Difficult people – we might not like them very much, but we have to put up with them. This session takes a look at some.

Agora é a sua vez de praticar Put what you’ve learnt about used to into practice by writing a description of changes in your life. Here are some ideas of what to write about: A change in your.

We’re here to help you! 0 / 10 When we chat with our friends or write on social media we generally use an informal style of English. In certain situations we need to change to a more formal style.

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Ethan Hawke plays the famed Serbian American inventor in a new film that reminds us what a modern creature Tesla was — a figure from the past who never stopped pointing the way to the future.